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Artist's Choice Sketch Card Pack

Regular price $25.00

(1) Artist's Choice Sketch Card Pack


Release Date: Late June/Early July 2019!

All pre-orders include FREE US domestic shipping and only $5 international shipping for the entire order!  

PLUS all pre-orders include a limited edition FREE promo card pack!

Look for RARE Mystery Redemption Cards randomly inserted in Artist's Choice Packs!

Mystery Redemptions can reward custom, one of a kind chase cards, Viceroy collector binders, Artist's Choice Pack Bundles containing 5, 10, and even 20 packs, plus much more!

Current odds for Mystery Redemption cards are 1 in 40 packs based on a 2000 pack release.  Odds may change during production, but will only improve and provide better rates.

50 pack bundles guaranteed to contain at least 1 Mystery Redemption.

100 pack bundles guaranteed to contain at least 2 Mystery Redemptions.

Artist's Choice Packs contain (1) hand drawn artist sketch card on letterpress printed card stock, protected in a magnetic one touch case. Each card is completely unique and one of a kind!

Artist's Choice will contain a huge variety of themes, styles, techniques, and subject matter!